time:2022-01-25 01:30 source:Ethereum Foundation Announces Renaming "ETH 2.0" to "Consensus Layer"

On January 25th, the Ethereum Foundation announced that while upgrading the protocol, Ethereum is also facing a change in positioning. On this basis, a key point of Ethereum is to stay away from the terms "Eth1" and "Eth2". At the end of 2021, core developers have stopped using the terminology and have replaced Eth1.0 and ETH 2.0 with "execution layer" and "consensus layer" respectively. The enforcement layer is where all smart contracts and network rules reside, while the consensus layer ensures that all devices contributing to the network play by the rules and punishes those that don’t. After the consensus layer is ready to replace the current mining system, the two layers will merge into normal Ethereum.

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