68% of Americans are aware of the risks involved with cryptocurrencies

time:2022-02-18 08:30 source:Internet

About seven in 10 Americans, or 68 percent of study participants, say they are aware of the risks involved with cryptocurrencies, according to the findings of a new Nordvpn survey. The study also found that an almost equal number of respondents (69%) “have some idea of what cryptocurrencies are.” Despite their knowledge of cryptocurrencies, Americans surveyed expressed unease at the prospect of these digital currencies "becoming the standard for online purchases." Additionally, in a breakdown of identified risks, the study found that 59% of respondents were aware that trading platforms and exchanges could be hacked. About 57% said they were aware of the risk of account takeovers, while 56% were aware of phishing emails or text messages alerting changes to funds that could be used by criminals.

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