A Tesla owner in the United States uses Tesla to "mine" and earns about 5,000 yuan per month

time:2022-01-09 07:30 source:Internet

According to a report by CNBC on January 8, an American Tesla owner revealed that he used his car to mine coins to make money, with an average monthly income of $800 (about 5,100 yuan). By transforming the Tesla Model 3 he purchased in 2018, Siraj Raval has successfully achieved "mining" with Tesla cars. He runs free mining software on his Apple Mac mini M1 and powers the computer by plugging an inverter into a 12-volt outlet located in the car's center console. He also attaches interconnected graphics processing units, or GPUs, to the "trunk" of his Tesla, running the machines from the car's internal battery. In 2021, when the value of ether reaches its peak, he can make a net profit of $800 (equivalent to 5,100 yuan) a month.

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