Australian blockchain firm Chrono.Tech raises $30 million

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It was reported on January 28 that Chrono.Tech, a blockchain company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, completed a $30 million financing, with the participation of Mark Carnegie, an unnamed European family office and a well-known Australian fund manager. The flagship product of the Chrono suite of services, LaborX, is a freelancer platform that allows parties to connect and organize work trustlessly by using smart contract-based protocols to pay cryptocurrency when work is done. Additionally, Chrono’s TimeWarp staking program enables TIME holders to deposit their tokens into smart contracts and earn a portion of their revenue from Chrono’s services, with over 50% of TIME staked in TimeWarp contracts. The new funding will help build and develop the Chrono.Tech ecosystem, improve and expand the product, and LaborX will launch new features to complement existing digital contracts, custody, dispute resolution modules, providing users with higher security, lower cost and better accessibility.

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