BBA and Zeromint cooperate to launch NFT to promote the spread of Belgian beer culture

Release time:2022-01-01 04:00 source:Internet Copy link share

On January 1st, the Belgian Barrel Union (BBA) brewers and farmers cooperated with Zeromint to launch the NFT, which aims to protect the Belgian beer culture and heritage recognized by UNESCO. As part of the cooperation, Zeromint will cast NFT on the GoChain blockchain and issue it to international beer lovers through BBA. According to reports, from now on, the organization will run several BBA NFT collection projects in the next 14 days to focus on sustainable development and the protection of Belgian beer heritage. According to the official statement, the first Belgian barrel NFT auction will be used to recruit 11 participants to star in the film "Belgium Barrel" produced by BBA. The purpose of the film is to further commemorate the history of Belgian beer through professional film production. , BBA plans to promote and distribute films worldwide. In addition, NFT winners will join the whitelisted VIP channel to participate in all BBA activities, and receive the retro beer menu and exclusive bottles of the BBA club. At the same time, 80% of NFT auction proceeds will be donated to local charities in Belgium. BBA also plans to launch NFTs. In addition to creating opportunities for participation and rewards for beer lovers, it also promotes tree planting, learning specialized craftsman skills and traditional culture. It is reported that Zeromint is a newly established NFT trading platform.

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