BIS Innovation Center: Central bank digital currency and payment system improvement are key areas of research work in 2022

time:2022-01-26 05:30 source:Internet

On January 26, the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub (BIS Innovation Hub) recently stated that it will participate in new projects such as central bank digital currency (CBDC), next-generation payment systems, and decentralized finance (DeFi) in 2022. The department also stated that participating in the research and development of CBDC and payment system improvement will still be the focus of research work in 2022. Among the 17 projects that have been opened in 2021 or will be opened in 2022, 13 projects involve the above areas, including participation in Helvetia and Jura CBDC research projects in Switzerland, Dunbar CBDC research and development projects in Singapore and mBridge CBDC research and development projects in Hong Kong, China.

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