Blockchain is one of the technologies prioritized by Saudi Arabian IT decision makers in 2022

time:2022-02-03 03:30 source:Internet

According to a recent study, blockchain is one of six emerging technologies that IT decision makers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) will prioritize in 2022 and beyond. Additionally, the study found that an overwhelming majority of policymakers believe Covid-19 has accelerated Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation. According to the Datatechvibe report, artificial intelligence and machine learning are technologies that 77% of respondents plan to prioritise, and about 65% of respondents said they would prioritise the Internet of Things (IoT), while 51% said They will focus on cloud technology. Predictive analytics (38%), robotic process automation (36%) and blockchain (35%) complete the six technologies IT leaders plan to prioritize starting this year.

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