BTC Super Whale Adds 3,000 BTC at Average Price of $43,140

Release time:2022-01-07 04:30 source:Internet Copy link share

According to KingData data monitoring, the BTC super whale address (bc1qd4ysezhmypwty5dnw7c8nqy5h5nxg0xqsvaefd0qn5kq32vwnwqqgv4rzr) increased its holdings of 3,000 BTC at an average price of US$43,140 on January 7th today, worth US$129 million. Since the giant whale entered the market on October 11, it has increased its BTC holdings for 7 consecutive times. The giant whale holds a total of 25,000 BTC, with a total value of 1.053 billion US dollars.


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