Buterin: Non-transferable NFTs help improve the Web 3 experience

time:2022-01-28 05:30 source:Internet

Golden Finance reported that in a blog post, Ethereum Buterin explained the concept of non-transferable NFTs with soulbounds. Buterin believes that soulbounds helps make the game more challenging and interesting, ensuring that there are certain, powerful items that cannot be purchased with money. Additionally, these items can only be obtained after completing difficult missions, which further adds to the fun of the game. In the same sense, he believes that non-transferable NFTs can open up new possibilities and help improve the experience of Web 3, a new iteration of the internet powered by blockchain technology. Furthermore, while transferable NFTs have their place and are extremely valuable for supporting artists and charities, there is a huge and untapped design space for what non-transferable NFTs could become. Note: Soulbounds are items in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft that cannot be transferred or sold once picked up.

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