Chainalysis: Digital RMB may become a scalable global payment network

time:2022-01-03 00:00 source:Internet

According to news on January 3, Salman Banaei, head of policy research for blockchain data analysis company Chainalysis, recently talked about issues such as digital renminbi and stablecoin. He said: China is about to launch a central bank digital currency, and the digital renminbi may become a scalable global The payment network may occupy a significant market share in the future payment network. U.S. policymakers should consider these issues. The U.S. and other regulatory agencies should treat the development of Stablecoin cautiously, avoid the risk of over-regulation, and ensure that they do not overemphasize competition priorities and wipe out the innovation space of innovators. Promoting innovation is the key to our success, and we should carefully maintain the development of digital assets.

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