Check Point: Twiz variant has stolen $500,000 in cryptocurrency

time:2022-01-16 05:00 source:Internet

Check Point Research, Check Point's threat intelligence arm, recently discovered a botnet variant called Twizt that successfully stole nearly $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency through Crypto Clipping attacks. This virus is mutated from the botnet virus Phorpiex, which automatically replaces the original wallet address with the attacker's wallet address, steals cryptocurrency during the transaction process, and can bypass the security mechanism without connecting to the C&C server. Check Point Research is reminding cryptocurrency traders to pay attention to the wallet addresses where transfers are made, with 969 transactions blocked so far, and the number is still growing. In order to prevent users from being attacked by Twizt, a variant of the botnet virus, Check Point Software makes five recommendations: check wallet addresses, test transactions, maintain the latest version, do not mistrust advertisements, and check URLs.

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