China Youth Daily: Metaverse's "real estate speculator" is careful to become a "catcher"

time:2022-01-20 00:32 source:Internet

It was reported on January 20 that recently, the house has become the "sweet pastry" of the Metaverse. Singer JJ Lin once posted on social media that he purchased three virtual lands in Decentraland (a virtual world platform) for about $30,000. But how do players earn real money from virtual land? In the Metaverse, a house will actually be sold, and the price difference in the middle is the profit of the previous "homeowners", and after dozens of people, the last "taker" can only do this The game of drumming and passing flowers paid the bill. The bet is the heartbeat, and the bet is that he will not be the last "taker". Remind everyone that investment needs to be cautious.

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