CME Bitcoin futures total open interest decreased slightly

time:2021-12-28 02:30 source:CME Bitcoin futures total open interest decreased slightly

According to KingData data monitoring, the CFTC's weekly CME Bitcoin futures holdings report from December 15 to December 21 shows:
The total number of open positions dropped slightly, from 13,518 to 12,852.
Institutional long positions 7,954, short positions 8,895, ratio of long-short positions 1:1.1,
institutional bearish sentiment is slightly higher than bullish;
large long positions 1,048, short positions 946, long-short positions ratio 1.1:1,
large investors are bullish Higher than bearish;
retail investors have 1,755 long positions, 916 short positions, and the ratio of long and short positions is 1.9:1.
Retail investors have a higher sentiment than bearish.

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