Coinbase, Huobi Technology and Other Crypto Companies Launch the Crypto Market Integrity Alliance CMIC

time:2022-02-08 04:30 source:Internet

Initiated by Solidus Labs, a crypto risk management and transaction monitoring company, a group of major cryptocurrency companies including Circle, Huobi Technology, and Anchorage Digital are forming the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC). The group said the launch of the CMIC is “an industry-defining commitment focused on fostering a fair digital asset market to combat market abuse and manipulation, and to increase public and regulator confidence in the new asset class.” The CMIC said it would recruit more industry players to deliver on its commitments, and plans to take further steps, including advanced training programmes, sharing insights and research and meeting with regulators. The alliance currently has 17 founding members, including CrossTower, BitMex, GSR, Bitstamp, Elwood, CryptoCompare, Securrency, MV Index Solutions, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Global Digital Finance, CryptoUK, etc.

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