Cross-chain protocol Wormhole was attacked and 120,000 wETH were stolen, with a loss of about $320 million

time:2022-02-03 00:30 source:Internet

On February 3, the cross-chain protocol Wormhole was hacked, resulting in a loss of 120,000 wETH (about $320 million). The hack took place on February 2 at 6:24 PM UTC, the attacker minted 120,000 wETH (WETH) on Solana, and then exchanged 93,750 wETH for $254 million at 6:28 PM UTC ETH to the Ethereum network. The hackers have since purchased SportX (SX), Meta Capital (MCAP), Finally Usable Crypto Karma (FUCK), and Bored Ape Yacht Club Token (APE) with some funds. The rest of WETH is exchanged for SOL and USDC on Solana. The hacker’s Solana wallet currently holds 432,662 SOL (worth $44 million). No other assets or blockchains serviced by Wormhole have yet been reported to be affected, but smart contract audit firm Certik said in a report today that “it is possible that the Wormhole to Terra blockchain bridge has the same vulnerability. "Wormhole has been out of service for emergency maintenance and is currently contacting the hackers via the Ethereum network, offering to keep $10 million worth of the funds if the rest of the stolen funds are returned. In addition, according to the latest official news, the vulnerability has been fixed, and the team is working hard to restore the network as soon as possible. The Wormhole team has assured the community that its ETH supply will be replenished to “ensure that wETH is backed 1:1,” but no further information on the source of the funding and the timing of the replenishment has yet been released.

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