Deutsche Bank: Bitcoin has the potential to be the digital gold of the 21st century

time:2022-02-18 05:00 source:Internet

Marion Laboure, an analyst at Deutsche Bank Research, said people have been looking for assets that are not controlled by the government. Gold has played this role for centuries. I can see that Bitcoin has the potential to be the digital gold of the 21st century. Let's not forget that gold is also historically unstable. But importantly, Bitcoin is risky and is too volatile to be a reliable store of value today. And it will remain super volatile for the foreseeable future. In addition, regarding the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum, Laboure said that Bitcoin is clearly the pioneer and the most traded cryptocurrency. Its market cap is much higher than the market cap of the second largest Ethereum, which provides many applications and use cases such as DeFi and NFTs. If Bitcoin is sometimes called "digital gold," then Ethereum is "digital silver."

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