Due to the Internet interruption in Kazakhstan, the computing power of many Bitcoin mining pools began to decline sharply

time:2022-01-06 00:00 source:Internet

On January 6th, according to The Block report, due to protests in Kazakhstan caused by fuel costs, Kazakhtelecom, the largest telecommunications provider in Kazakhstan, shut down the country's Internet, triggering a drop in the hash rate of many Bitcoin mining pools.

Compared with the hashrate of the mining pool half a day ago, the most affected are 1THash (down 82%), OKExPool (down 46.3%) and KuCoinPool (down 22.7%), including major mines including Yuchi, Antpool and ViaBTC. The computing power of the pool also dropped by 12.8%, 11.6%, and 19.2%, respectively. According to estimates by the Cambridge Alternative Finance Center last fall, Kazakhstan has 18% of the world's Bitcoin computing power.


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