Encrypted giant whale address to transfer a large amount of Dogecoin and MATIC

time:2022-01-03 07:00 source:Internet

According to news on January 3, according to the data provided by the @DogeWhaleAlert Twitter account, in the past eight hours, several encrypted giant whale addresses have transferred more than 90 million Dogecoins, worth $15,562,406. The largest transaction was 15,499637 DOGE, valued at US$2,684,336. At the same time, there are encrypted whale addresses to execute two transactions, involving a large number of MATICs. The No. 4 ETH giant whale wallet address "Light" purchased 1,330,000 MATICs, valued at 3,315,760 US dollars. The other transfer was from Binance Exchange to an anonymous encrypted wallet, sending 2,614,308 MATICs worth 6,738,727 US dollars.

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