Engineer 'hacking' Trezor One wallet to recover $2 million in cryptocurrency

time:2022-01-26 07:30 source:Internet

On January 26, a computer engineer and hardware hacker revealed that he helped crack a Trezor One hardware wallet that contained more than $2 million in funds. The engineer's name is Joe Grand, and the hacker's alias is "Kingpin". He uploaded a video on YouTube explaining how he accomplished the hack. In 2018, New York entrepreneur Dan Reich and his friends realized they had lost the Trezor One security PIN that held the tokens after they decided to cash out an original investment of about $50,000 in Theta. Since the wallet will automatically clear the information after 16 incorrect passwords, they gave up after 12 unsuccessful attempts. But as the return on investment has grown to $2 million this year, they increasingly want to get the money. But without the wallet's seed phrase or PIN, the only way to get the coins is through hacking. So they found Grand, who spent 12 weeks trying to find a way to retrieve his lost PIN using a bug in RAM reading. According to a recent tweet by Trezor, the bug that allowed it to read data from the wallet's RAM is an older bug that has been officially fixed for newer devices. However, unless the microcontroller is modified, fault injection attacks still pose a risk.

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