Etherscan Adds "View NFT" and "Contact Holder" Features

time:2022-02-17 07:30 source:Internet

On February 17th, the Ethereum block browser and data analysis platform Etherscan added "View NFT" and "Chat with Owner" functions. Etherscan adds a new "View NFT" button for all NFT transactions, which users can click to view NFT details. In addition, the NFT details page supports the "Chat with Owner" function, and you can click the button to contact the NFT holder through Blockscan Chat for communication. Last month, Blockscan, the team that created the Etherscan blockchain browser, released a beta version of "Blockscan Chat". Information disclosed on the website’s homepage shows that Blockscan Chat is a messaging platform where users can easily and instantly message each other via wallet-to-wallet.

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