European and Japanese central bank presidents gather in Davos: We are not in a hurry to raise interest rates, unlike the United States

time:2022-01-23 03:30 source:Internet

On January 23, Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, Haruhiko Kuroda, President of the Bank of Japan, and Georgieva, President of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), gathered at the World Economic Forum. Lagarde said that unlike the United States, the demand in the euro area is not excessive. The demand in the United States has exceeded 30% before the epidemic, but the euro area has only returned to the level before the epidemic. The euro area and the United States are not recovering in sync, so they will not synchronize. Take action. Core inflation in the US is currently as high as 5.5%, compared to 2.6% in the euro zone. Kuroda Haruhiko said that Japan’s inflation rate is expected to remain around 1% in 2023, and Japan will continue to implement a low interest rate policy and an expansionary fiscal policy until the 2% inflation target is achieved. We are not afraid of inflation at all, because the inflation rate is too low .

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