FINRA considers changes to crypto regulations to better protect investors

time:2022-01-21 02:30 source:Internet

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) CEO Robert Cook said the self-regulatory agency will study potential changes to cryptocurrency regulations this year as cryptocurrency adoption grows, and the FINRA has no plans to make any changes to it. Existing rules are being overhauled, and instead an "early stage, concept release-type notice" is planned, particularly with regard to advertising and disclosure. Our member firms are involved in the sale of some digital assets today, some are securities and some are not securities, and when a customer docks with one of our members and then buys cryptocurrencies or buys digital assets, there are disclosure rules that apply today, U.S. The Financial Supervisory Authority plans to announce its inspection priorities for this year within the next month. But Cook expressed concern that the range of regulators overseeing various types of crypto assets could create confusion among investors.

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