FTX advertises live at Super Bowl 56 in the US and gives away bitcoin

time:2022-02-14 09:00 source:Internet

It was reported on February 14 that the 56th Super Bowl will be held at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, USA. The cryptocurrency exchange FTX sponsored the event and advertised. At the same time, the ad also includes a bitcoin gift link. Nathaniel Whittemore, director of marketing at FTX, said, "There is no other event in the United States that consumers look forward to so positively every year." It is reported that in addition to FTX, encryption companies such as Coinbase, Crypto.com, Bitbuy, eToro also sponsored the Super Bowl. It was earlier reported that Coinbase spent $14 million to advertise a sign-up bonus campaign at the Super Bowl, causing a brief downtime on the site.

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