Google CEO: Blockchain could shake up cloud computing

Release time:2022-02-05 05:00 source:Internet Copy link share

Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged the power of Web3 and blockchain on Tuesday's quarterly earnings call. On Wednesday, Alphabet shares rose 10% ahead of the U.S. IPO. Web3 describes a new vision for the Internet based on blockchain, a decentralized, secure, and transparent technology that supports cryptocurrency networks, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital asset applications. Pichai said that at Web3, we will definitely be looking at blockchain. He called blockchain “an interesting, powerful, widely used technology.” As a company, we are thinking about how we can contribute and add value to the ecosystem. For example, our cloud team is looking at how to support customers in the region The need to build, trade, store value and deploy new products on a blockchain platform.

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