Grayscale CEO issued a letter to investors in the first half of 2022, saying that there are 5 key trends to watch

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On January 7, Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein issued a letter to investors in the first half of 2022, emphasizing that there are 5 key trends worthy of attention in 2022: 

1. Encryption infrastructure development: The digital economy requires cryptocurrency-related tools and services. Crypto infrastructure such as platforms, wallets and analytics software will be a key area. 

2. More projects than ever before: Grayscale will continue to look for the best opportunities and expand its product range accordingly, including launching products focused on specific Tokens, as well as more diverse funds.

3. Web3 and Metaverse expansion: The next iteration of the Internet will be decentralized, and the Metaverse will provide opportunities for the digital age to become a social focus, covering business, gaming, entertainment, news and social networking, etc. Users will be able to control their own data, and Web3 will empower users in revolutionary ways. 

4. NFT use cases beyond digital art: In the next few years, NFTs will evolve from currently limited products (such as digital art) to more and more complex use cases. The physical and digital worlds will further converge, especially around authenticity and ownership. NFT use cases will span industries, covering fashion, music, gaming, real estate, and ticketing. The Grayscale team is closely watching the evolution of NFTs. 

5. New regulatory policy: Grayscale believes that regulation is inevitable, but beneficial to the industry.

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