Hefei's layout of future industries will target cutting-edge fields such as Metaverse

time:2022-01-13 01:00 source:Internet

On January 11, Hefei released the "Government Work Report". In the next five years, Hefei will plan forward-looking layouts for future industries, aiming at cutting-edge fields such as the Metaverse, superconducting technology, and precision medicine, and creating a group of leading enterprises, cutting-edge technologies, and high-end products. Win the future of the city with future industries. In addition, Hefei will implement a manufacturing doubling action to create two 500 billion-level industrial clusters of a new generation of information technology, automobiles and intelligent networked vehicles, create four 200-billion-level and three 100-billion-level industrial clusters, and cultivate three industrial clusters. Hundreds of billions of enterprises, 300 specialized, new and "champion" enterprises will accelerate the establishment of an advanced manufacturing highland with international competitiveness. At the same time, it will expand and strengthen new industries, and strive to build more than 5 national-level and new industrial clusters, with new industries accounting for more than 65% of the industry above the designated size, and to accelerate the growth of the landmark industries of "core-screen auto-combination" and "urgent life wisdom".

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