House Financial Services Committee Chair Wants SBF to Attend Dec. 13 Hearing

time:2022-12-02 12:22 source:Internet

House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, who wants the Sam Bankman-Fried(SBF) to attend the Dec. 13 hearing, praised Sam’s “candid” comments on the FTX debacle in a tweet Friday. She said: “we appreciate that you've been candid in your discussions about what happened at FTX. Your willingness to talk to the public will help the company's customers, investors, and others. To that end, we would welcome your participation in our hearing on the 13th."In an interview with The New York Times earlier this week, SBF claimed to have no knowledge of the transfer of client funds.The House Financial Services Committee will hold its first hearing on the FTX debacle later this month. Democratic chairman and Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry said they wanted to hear discussions from the SBF and others involved in the debacle, including former Alameda Research executives and representatives of rival exchange Binance.By Mary Liu
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