IBM's security experts predict that in 2022, we will see blockchain become a more common "tool" for cybercriminals

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After the rapid evolution of security threats worldwide in 2021, what major changes will take place in 2022? IBM's security experts have made the following five predictions, 1) the security advantages of hybrid cloud are obvious; 2) blockchain will become a hiding place for cybercrime. Businesses and consumers are increasingly relying on blockchain for supply chain management, and we will find that attackers are also starting to use blockchain legitimately in order to hide for longer periods of time without detection. In 2022, we will see blockchain becoming a more common “tool” for cybercriminals to obfuscate their malicious traffic, evade detection, and keep attackers hidden for longer. This will make it increasingly difficult for defenders to detect malicious activity on the network. 3) A ransomware attack by others can be your problem. 4) Supply chain attacks will be the number one concern. 5) Zero tolerance for trust will redefine the security posture.

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