LooksRare team members responded to the question: earning WETH is not a secret, the team paid a huge cost of time and capital

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According to news on February 15, zodd, a member of the NFT market LooksRare team, recently responded to previous doubts about his team's redemption of WETH rewards, saying that the amount quoted by the user was incorrect, it should be close to 10,500 ETH, and it was allocated to more than 10 full-time teams. member. Zodd said the team shared more than seven-figure costs before releasing LooksRare, working around the clock for more than six months without compensation. The fact that WETH is earned has never been a secret, and zodd has no problem with the WETH that contributors have earned so far. It is reported that a lot of this WETH may be reused to buy NFTs, and the team as an anonymous developer encourages the use of Tornado Cash. Earlier news, Twitter user tradfi guy said on February 8 that the LooksRare team cashed out 23,116 WETH (about $73,000,000) by staking unattributed LOOKS to get WETH rewards, most of which went directly to Tornado Cash.

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