MetaMask to begin collecting user data via Infura

time:2022-11-24 05:38 source:Internet

ConsenSys has updated its privacy policies and announced that it has begun collecting user data in MetaMask.Specifically, the company will collect information about users’ IP identifiers and wallet addresses.The service will also collect the following information: first name, last name, username or identifier, customer name, date of birth and gender; mailing address, email and phone number; username and password, interests, preferences, feedback and survey responses; feedback and correspondence; financial information; payment details and transaction data such as information about purchases through ConsenSys services; data about the use of company products; marketing information; Ethereum wallet address, API key and network information regarding transactions.ConsenSys emphasized that data will only be collected when using Infura as an RPC. When using another RPC in MetaMask, data collection is not provided.Earlier the Uniswap exchange did the same thing.
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