Michelle Berrard, the daughter of the former CEO of Blockbuster, joins the core team of BlockbusterDAO

time:2022-01-06 08:30 source:Internet

On January 6th, Michelle Berrard, CEO of fitness brand Pivotal Fitness, joined the core team of BlockbusterDAO. It is reported that his late father Steven Berrard helped establish and run Blockbuster from 1987 to 1996 and served as the company's CEO. According to previous reports, BlockbusterDAO plans to buy Blockbuster, a film rental company that has closed down. BlockbusterDAO seeks to manage the Blockbuster brand and create a decentralized movie streaming service based on this, and plans to conduct movie financing and production in the future. To achieve its goal, BlockbusterDAO intends to raise $5 million to acquire Blockbuster from Dish Network. Dish Network is an American television provider that acquired Blockbuster in 2011. It is reported that BlockbusterDAO aims to raise cash by selling BlockbusterDAO NFT at a price of 0.13 ETH (approximately US$530).

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