Multiple executives: Blockchain makes progress in investing, mortgages, payments

time:2022-02-14 01:30 source:Internet

Several financial firms noted during the fourth-quarter earnings call that blockchain technology offers financial firms and their clients speed, efficiency, 24/7 execution, and cost savings. Jonathan Steinberg, founder and CEO of WisdomTree Investments, said on the company's Jan. 28 earnings call that blockchain technology is becoming ubiquitous in payments and financial services, and that blockchain technology is closely related to universal smartphone ownership and generation. The fusion of tokenization and smart contracts will effectively blur the lines between saving, paying and investing, fundamentally changing the way consumers view and interact with their money and assets. Valerie Kramer, chief digital officer at NBH Bank (NBHC), said: “USDF facilitates the compliant transfer of dollar value on the blockchain, removing friction in the financial system and expanding digital access to finance. Wade Peery, CEO of FB Finance (FBK), said that in terms of payments and settlements, we will be able to cut a lot of costs from these systems and get 24/7, 365 real-time settlements on the blockchain.

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