NBA player Malik Monk "Gutter Kicks Edition 1" NFT sold for 6 ETH

time:2021-12-28 02:00 source:Internet

On December 28th, according to official sources, the "Gutter Kicks Edition 1" NFT shoes worn by NBA Lakers player Malik Monk during the Christmas game were sold on OpenSea for 6 ETH (24,000 US dollars). The auction proceeds will be used to help Arkansas, USA Families affected by tornadoes in the northeastern part of the state. It is reported that the NFT is one of the Gutter Cat Gang "Gutter Kicks" series of NFTs, using the NFT version of the basketball shoe worn by Malik Monk in the 2021 Christmas Los Angeles Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets game. Edition 1 is the world's first NFT shoe model worn in the newly renamed Arena (formerly the Staples Center).

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