New Hampshire governor forms new committee to study cryptocurrencies

time:2022-02-11 01:30 source:Internet

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu announced the formation of a new state commission focused on cryptocurrencies and their impact, as well as the type of legislation the state might want to enforce. According to an executive order on Feb. 9, the commission will investigate and determine areas such as the role and effectiveness of existing state laws and regulations governing cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, and the reasons for changes and improvements to such laws and regulations. . The committee will include stakeholders from the Department of State Banking, the Office of the Attorney General, both houses of the State Legislature, and “three members of the public with proven experience in cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and the provision of digital asset services to institutions or consumers. ". Over the next few months, the committee will prepare a report on its findings, which will then be made public.

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