NFL lobbying SEC on 'issues related to blockchain technology'

time:2022-02-13 00:30 source:Internet

According to the disclosure report, from July to December last year, the NFL lobbied the Securities and Exchange Commission on “issues related to blockchain technology.” The lobbying represents the NFL's first attempt to influence a government agency that oversees financial securities, records show. According to the report, the coalition spent more than $600,000 in the second half of 2021 lobbying both houses of Congress and various government agencies, including the SEC. In addition to the SEC, the NFL has lobbied the White House office, the Justice Department and the Commerce Department. According to the documents, the NFL targets a wide range of issues with these government entities, including "federal regulation of sports betting." The NFL, which is run by Commissioner Roger Goodell, is trying to determine whether cryptocurrencies can be an integral part of the league's business, insiders say. The NFL's current annual revenue is about $10 billion.

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