NFT marketplace Rarible launches order management tool to help block suspicious sales orders on OpenSea

time:2022-01-08 04:30 source:Internet

According to Decrypt’s news on January 8, NFT marketplace Rarible announced on Tuesday that it has launched an order management tool that allows Rarible users to identify and cancel suspicious sales orders from NFT marketplace OpenSea. It was previously reported that a bug in OpenSea could result in valuable NFTs (like the BoredApeYachtClub NFT) being sold at prices far below what their holders actually expected. Early last year, Rarible said it started aggregating sales orders from OpenSea to add liquidity to its own multi-chain NFT market. For the past few months, Rarible users have been able to access OpenSea data through Rarible's Activity page, according to co-founder Alex Salnikov.

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