OKEx exchange already supports TRON version USDC (TRC20-USDC)

time:2022-01-07 03:30 source:Internet

According to the latest official news, OKEx exchange has supported the TRON version of USDC (TRC20-USDC). It is reported that USDC has been issued on the TRON chain in June 2021, and its current circulation has exceeded 370 million. The characteristics of USDC are compliance and transparency, and there are regular and credible reports from third-party auditing companies that can be used to prove that, and the assets of USDC are escrowed by banks and have sufficient U.S. dollars as reserves. Relying on the characteristics of fast transfer speed and low handling fee on the TRON network, the TRON version of USDC has become the best choice for many users, developers and institutions. In addition, TRON has deployed four major stablecoins in the stablecoin field, including USDT, USDJ, TUSD, USDC, and the TRON stablecoin ecosystem has become more complete.

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