OpenSea withdraws update "NFT creators can only create up to 5 NFT series"

Release time:2022-01-28 08:00 source:Internet Copy link share

On January 28th, OpenSea announced that "NFT creators can only create up to 5 NFT series". Explaining that it was preparing to roll out the update, OpenSea said it has seen an exponential increase in abuse of this feature recently. Over 80% of projects created with this tool are plagiarized works, fake collections and spam. OpenSea apologized for not releasing a preview before rolling out the update. In addition, OpenSea said that in addition to the reversal decision, it is working on multiple solutions to ensure support for creators while deterring bad actors. OpenSea promises to preview these changes with users before rollout, and will invite user feedback. Earlier news, OpenSea released a major update: NFT creators can only create up to 5 NFT series.

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