Optimism awards over $2 million to a critical vulnerability disclosure

Release time:2022-02-11 00:30 source:Internet Copy link share

On February 11, the Ethereum scaling solution Optimism released a blog today saying that the Optimism team received a warning from Jay Freeman on February 2 that there was a serious error in Optimism’s Geth fork, which caused ETH balances to be held by repeatedly triggering SELFDESTRUCT. The opcode on the contract to create ETH on Optimism. Analysis of the Optimism chain history shows that the vulnerability was not exploited. Within hours of confirmation, Optimism tested the fix for the issue and deployed it to mainnet. As part of the official Immunefi bug bounty program, Optimism said it will award bounties of up to $2,000,042 to bug disclosers.

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