Paidun: cross-chain bridge hit by hacker attack, loss of about $4.3 million

Release time:2022-02-06 04:30 source:Internet Copy link share

On February 6th, according to the official news of Paidun, the cross-chain bridge was hacked and the loss was about 4.3 million US dollars (including 1391.24945169 ETH and 2.74068396 BTC). The hacker's extension of the original (unaffected) cross-chain bridge introduced fake deposits. officially stated that Meter Passport has the function of automatically packing and unpacking Gas Tokens (such as ETH and BNB) for the convenience of users. However, the contract does not prevent direct interaction of the encapsulated ERC20 Token with the native Gas Token, nor does it properly transfer and verify the correct amount of WETH transferred from the caller address.

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