Polkadot ecological project Acala plans to launch three core products: DEX, upgraded EVM and decentralized Stablecoin

time:2022-01-28 04:00 source:Internet

On January 28, after the successful mainnet launch of Polkadot this week, DeFi protocol Acala disclosed the future development plan of the project, including the launch of DEX Acala Swap, upgraded EVM, and decentralized Stablecoin (aUSD and LDOT) Three core products. In addition, Acala developers also revealed that they will further consolidate key bridging infrastructure, aiming to expand the multi-chain ecosystem to the Polkadot network and the Acala staking business. According to relevant data, Acala’s lock-up volume in Liquid Crowdload DOT (LCDOT) Token has exceeded 600 million US dollars, and the number of Token holders has exceeded 200,000.

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