President of Japanese gaming giant Square Enix: I hope to see the right scale of digital commodity trading

time:2022-01-01 06:00 source:Internet

Yosuke Matsuda, president of Japanese game giant Square Enix, posted a New Year message on the publisher's official website. The New Year's message discussed NFT, blockchain games, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Yosuke Matsuda said that this year is the first year of Meta Universe and also the first year of NFT. This year, the rapidly expanding user base has a great enthusiasm for NFT. However, we do observe that in NFT-based digital commodity transactions, regardless of the observed value of the provided content, there are examples of overheating. This is obviously not an ideal situation, but I hope to see the correct scale of digital commodity transactions as they become more and more common among the public, and the value of each available content is revised to its true estimate. I hope They become familiar physical commodity transactions.

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