Russia’s Central Bank Registers Tokenization Services Firm Atomyze as the Country’s First Digital Asset Manager

time:2022-02-04 08:00 source:Internet

On February 4, the Central Bank of Russia announced that it had registered tokenization services company Atomyze as the country’s first digital asset management company. According to the announcement, the country’s central bank has officially determined that the company’s information system rules and the technical implementation of its platform are in compliance with Russian law. The registration enables Atomyze to offer its clients the opportunity to issue digital financial assets (DFAs) on its platform, as well as acquire "new types of assets in the form of tokens." The organization will also be able to conduct exchange operations “independently within its platform,” as DFA Exchange’s rules are “built into the rules of the information system.” The Bank of Russia noted, “In order to further develop the DFA, the central bank has drawn up proposals to improve the supervision of such assets and their taxation, which will increase the attractiveness and applicability of digital financial instruments. In the near future, these proposals will be reported in a regulatory consultation report. to submit discussions.” According to Atomyze’s website, it is a Russia-based blockchain company focused on “digitizing various assets and processes, including but not limited to DFA, through distributed ledger technology.”

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