"Sister Wood": We maintain a high degree of belief in Bitcoin and Ethereum

time:2022-02-03 09:30 source:Internet

On February 3rd, Cathie Wood, founder of Ark Fund, participated in an event hosted by Public to share her views on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi and NFT. When asked at the event which of the two she prefers, bitcoin and ethereum, she responded that it was virtually impossible to compare the two, stating that "we maintain a high degree of belief in both." Regarding Bitcoin, she called it "the most profound application of a public blockchain, the foundation of an 'autonomous' digital currency." As for Ethereum, she said that it "will become the dominant smart contract platform in 2021." Asked about DeFi and NFTs, she said, “While ARK strongly believes in the utility of DeFi and NFTs in a variety of use cases, including gaming environments, as of today, we are not actively trading NFTs in any strategy.”

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