South Korean DeFi project KLAYswap was hacked and lost about 2.2 billion won

time:2022-02-04 09:30 source:Internet

On February 4, South Korean DeFi project KLAYswap announced that it was hacked and lost about 2.2 billion won, or about $1.83 million. The announcement stated that the hacker tampered with the third-party js link on the front-end of KLAYswap, causing the user to be poisoned when visiting the KLAYswap page, and then authorizing the assets to the hacker's wallet address, which eventually led to the theft of the relevant assets. During the period, a total of 325 wallets had 407 abnormal transactions. The project party is currently negotiating with relevant companies for follow-up countermeasures and compensation plans.

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