Spanish LGBT token MariCoin responds to questions and says it will be listed on the exchange soon

time:2022-01-07 06:30 source:Internet

On January 7, the Spanish LGBT-related token MariCoin (MCOIN) responded after its project concept and goals were questioned by the community. Some even criticized the project's name, saying it had homophobic connotations in Spanish. But MariCoin CEO Francisco Alvarez said they just misunderstood. Francisco Alvarez pointed out that the MariCoin project has a “general acceptance” of over 90% in Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador and other Spanish-speaking countries. According to MariCoin co-founder and president Juan Belmonte, the project is expected to list its Algorand-based token on Jan. 31 on crypto exchanges that support the Algorand blockchain.

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