Superfood Chain Turns To Bitcoin Standard And Converts All Its Cash To BTC

time:2022-02-08 07:30 source:Internet

According to an announcement issued by the California-based superfood chain Everbowl, Everbowl has conducted research and discussed with advisors converting its cash reserves into BTC and how to run the company using the Bitcoin standard. Jeff Fenster, founder and CEO of Everbowl, said, “In 2022 and beyond, running a business entirely on cash is not the most beneficial nor the safest way to do business.” In the future, the company plans to allow its employees to use cryptocurrency in the form of cryptocurrencies. Get paid. Jeff Fenster added, “While we understand that it is not currently possible to convert 100% of our business operations to the Bitcoin standard, as more access points become available, we will increase our adoption and conversion rates.”

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