The decentralized autonomous organization Group DAO officially terminated the GDO airdrop, which had to be claimed before January 31

time:2022-01-09 06:00 source:Internet

Official news, the decentralized autonomous organization Group DAO said that according to the snapshot voting results, the GDO airdrop was officially terminated. Users who hold GDO can participate in the future DAO governance process. Since some users have been authorized in advance, they can still apply for the airdrop, which is expected to be completely terminated in about 24 hours. Earlier news, the decentralized autonomous organization Group DAO issued GDO airdrops to Twitter users, aiming to reward users who made unilateral contributions on Twitter. The most important reference factor for airdrops is the number of fans you have, followed by the number of statuses posted by the account, and also the registration time. Users need to claim before January 31, 2022, after which all remaining tokens will be permanently locked.

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