The Ministry of Public Security's "Net Net 2021" special action seized more than 11 billion yuan worth of virtual currency

time:2022-01-19 07:30 source:Internet

In 2021, the results of combating money laundering crimes will become one of the key summaries of the Ministry of Public Security, the Procuratorate, the People's Bank of China, and the courts. On January 17, 2022, it was mentioned at the National Prosecutors General (Expanded) Conference that in 2021, the procuratorial organs will continue to increase their anti-money laundering efforts and prosecute more than 1,200 people for money laundering crimes; In the special action work of "Cleaning the Net 2021", the public security organs focus on platforms such as illegal fourth-party payment and benchmarking, especially for the new channel of virtual currency money laundering, and pay close attention to changes in the situation and innovation. Crackdown strategy, cracked 259 related cases, and confiscated more than 11 billion yuan worth of virtual currency.

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