The total sales of NFTs on the Ethereum chain exceeded $19 billion, a record high, with a three-month growth rate of 137.5%

time:2022-01-20 06:30 source:Internet

On January 20, according to the latest data, the total amount of NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded US$19 billion, a record high, at the time of writing this article was US$19,084,052,962, and the number of transactions on the chain was 5,887,033. According to historical data, the total sales of NFTs on the Ethereum chain will exceed $8 billion on October 22, 2021, $9 billion on November 14, $10 billion on November 28, and $11 billion on December 17. , $12 billion on December 30, $13 billion on January 7, 2022, $14 billion on January 13, $15 billion on January 15, $16 billion on January 17, January On the 19th, it broke through US$17 billion and US$18 billion in a single day, which means that in less than three months, the total sales of NFTs on the Ethereum chain increased by more than US$11 billion, an increase of 137.5%.

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